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In the olden times, when your tooth was extensively decayed; it was always removed. Nowadays; it can be saved with the help of root canal treatment. It requires the cleaning & shaping of your root canals after drilling into the tooth & removing all unhealthy pulp with certain instruments; called files. The canals are then shaped & smoothened to receive the root canal filling material. Then the canals are filled with inert materials called as gutta-percha; along with the application of a sealer cement. Then, a filling is placed on top of it; in the crown portion of the tooth that may be of silver amalgam / composite resin. If the dentist finds your tooth, not strong enough to bear the load of mastication; he may place a ‘post’, that is a stainless steel / some other metal fibre; into the root canal after removing little part of the filling material / gutta – percha.

Your tooth is then restored to original form and function with the placement of a crown over the treated tooth.