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A child’s teeth are often neglected; thinking that they are milk teeth & will be replaced by new ones in the time to come. But, we do not realize that only when these milk teeth are taken care of properly; then the permanent teeth will be healthy. Again, if the milk teeth have to be removed at an early age; due to extensive decay; then the permanent teeth will erupt in incorrect positions; causing misalignment. Thus, the milk teeth act as natural space maintainers & are extremely important in the long run.

Hence, a regular check-up is a must. Commonly occurring problems that should be taken care of at the right time. Proper cleaning and removal of caries with restorative material like composite or glass ionomer cement is required. In more extensive decay; a pulpotomy or root canal treatment may also be required. In case a tooth has to be removed, a space maintainer is required to maintain the space; till the permanent tooth erupts.

Pit & fissure sealants & fluoride applications are the most commonly used preventive measures in children. Proper brushing twice a day; rinsing after every snack & cleaning the gums & teeth of bottle fed children regularly is a must.