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It is a branch of dentistry, wherein we can straighten misaligned teeth with the help of orthodontic brackets & wires. It utilizes various forces in order to pull teeth into the positions that they should be in; in order to maintain proper occlusion & enhance aesthetics. It is the most natural way of improving your smile without much reduction of other teeth.

In the past, orthodontics was shunned by many adults because treatment was lengthy & old-fashioned metal braces were conspicuous & unattractive. Recently, however, dentistry has seen the advent of plastic or “invisible” braces, lingual or “behind the teeth” braces and removable appliances. So, while orthodontic treatment may still take months or years to complete, it usually can be accomplished in a much desirable manner. In fact, more than 25 percent of the patients now seen by the orthodontics are adults, many of whom are more than 50 years old!

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