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Dentures are the option when all / almost all teeth are lost. The types include:

(a) Complete denture:

This is the usually practiced method; after removal of all teeth. Impressions are taken of the edentulous arches & dentures fabricated from heat-cure acrylic resin in the laboratory. They require a lot of perseverance on the part of the patient; as far as getting adjusted to it is concerned.






(b) Immediate denture:

It is placed immediately after removal of teeth & hence save you the embarrassment of being seen without teeth. A final denture; may have to be made later on.

(c) Over denture:

It is placed over some retained teeth or tooth roots. Thus, it saves roots; improves chewing ability & aids in retention of the denture; as compared to a normal denture. Even the tactile sensation of the patient is maintained & there is less stress to the supporting tissues.

(d) Implant supported denture:

Two or more implants can be placed per jaw in a patient & then retention can be achieved through bars, clips, magnets, ball & socket etc. The denture is placed over it & this definitely has more retention, stability & support.