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This is an extremely upcoming trend nowadays. Dental treatment anywhere abroad is so costly; and appointments so difficult to get; that people over there prefer to come to India for the same. They can come here for a business / social trip & at the same time can get the dental treatment done. The treatment is not just economical; but also matching the international standards.

Here’s a brief comparison of the cost of treatment in India and USA

Dental Treatment Description

 Cost in USA ($)*

 Cost in India ($)*

Dental Implants



Porcelain-Metal Crown/Bridge



Root canal Treatment



Tooth colored composite fillings



* prices mentioned are indicative 

We here at the dental centre, plan out your treatment in such a way, that you can mix pleasure, work, as well as get your treatment done. It still turns out to be more economical, than, if you had got your treatment done abroad & mind you, there is no compromise in the quality of work! You are sure to be pleased; once you visit us!

We can also make arrangements for your travel needs through our very own travel agency “Travel Comfort” (www.travelcomfortonline.com)